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MP3 Search Engine Script

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MP3 Search Engine Script - Live Demo


Do you want to run your own MP3 search engine website? Well, our new updated MP3 search engine allows you to search, listen and download over 500 million songs. As well as downloading music, you can also search for videos and music lyrics. 

The script uses 12 popular music sources to grab reliable song results. Visitors can search, listen and download songs directly on your site, its 100% free. The script is optimised to grab fast results.

The scripts is 100% automated. You can earn money by displaying adverts on the homepage, search results, and even the music player. The script is already optimised to work with google adsense. Just install, setup the adverts and let the website run on autopilot. 


User Features:

  • Search, download and listen to songs.
  • Choose from over 500 millions tracks.
  • Fast loading results.
  • 12 reliable music sources to grab music.
  • Free to listen to any songs (MP3)
  • Search and watch videos
  • Search and view music lyrics.
  • Embed code allows visitors to add music player to their facebook, twitter, ect
  • Unlimited songs.


Admin Features:

  • Add, edit and delete users.
  • Enable or disable MP3 sources.
  • Enable or disable video sources.
  • Enable or disable lyrics sources.
  • Copy and paste advert code directly into optimised advertising boxes.
  • Mass email all members directly from admin panel.


Script Features:

  • Attractive template
  • Web 2.0 design.
  • Script is 100% automated - no work needed.
  • Just install, setup and let the site run on autopilot.
  • Simple to use script
  • Use's 12 music sources - provides accurate and reliable results.
  • Easy to setup - just upload files.
  • All MP3 files remotely hosted (save bandwidth)
  • Easy to edit template design.
  • 100% unencrypted files (easy to change and edit template)
  • Download script instantly after payment.






Script Options

Copyright removal option (Remove powered by websitescripts.org)
Installation (Get script professionally installed)
Single domain license (Unlimited domain license is available) 

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