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PDF Search Engine Script (Powered by WordPress)

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PDF Search Engine (Powered by WordPress) - Live Demo 


Launch your own PDF search engine script in minutes. This powerful script allows users to search through 1000's of PDF files. With today's demand for information so high, you can add this script to your existing website or run it as a standalone site with excellent money making capabilities. You can find books, reports, articles, journels, ebooks, ect.

It runs on the Wordpress platform which has superb SEO benefits. Every search query (keywords) that a user types is recorded by the site is indexed by search engines like Google and Yahoo. The script has search engine friendly URL's and is compatible with the latest version of wordpress.

It is 100% automated, no work is required to run this script. It pulls the data automatically using its Bing API. Our PDF search engine is google adsense optimised. All advert placement has been optmised to increase click through rates. Just setup the script and run it on autopilot to make money!

With our script, you can setup a profitable PDF search engine website in minutes!



User Features:

  • Search through a database of 1000's of PDF files.
  • Find books, articles, newspapers, reports, text books, ect.
  • 100% automated - no work to run the site (runs on autopilot)
  • Preview the PDF before downloading.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • These sites become very popular and drive huge traffic. 


Script Features:

  • Attractive template
  • Web 2.0 design.
  • Wordpress platform with lots of SEO advantages.
  • SEO optimised search engine.
  • Every search query (keyword) is recorded and indexed by search engines.
  • Search engine friendly URL's
  • Pulls data directly from bing API.
  • 100% automatic - perfect for begginer and expert webmasters.
  • Google adsense optimised (great advert placement within script)
  • Paignation added to search results.
  • Compatible with the latest wordpress version.
  • Widget ready and add your plugins.
  • Simple to edit template.
  • Detailed 10 page step-by-step installation guide.
  • All unencrypted files (you can edit all files)
  • No maintenance needed (100% fully automated)
  • Easy installation


Wordpress SEO + PDF Search Engine =  Traffic And Profits!



Wordpress 3.0+
Mod rewrite. 
CGI and cUrl access.



Script Options

Copyright removal option (Remove powered by websitescripts.org)
Installation (Get script professionally installed)
Single domain license (Unlimited domain license is available)


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