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Tiny URL Shortening Script

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Tiny URL Shortening Script - Live Demo


Simple, advanced URL shortening script. If you have a really long URL it is sometimes impossible to add it's forums or emails, so use our service to create your own short URL. Similar to TinyURL.com or Bit.ly

It has a sleek and friendly design with ajax power that will impress your visitors. There is a full registration and login system for members to control their short URL's and a powerful admin panel to control lots of aspects of the website.

You have the potential to generate thousands of banklinks daily! These sites are really popular at the moment and attract high traffic.

Our feature packed script includes a new feature called 'earnings' which allows you to pay members for creating short URL's. Whilst you only your members a little amount (eg $1 or $2 per 1,000 views). In return, you get lots of traffic and lots more advertising revenue. You can make lots of $$$ using this new feature!


User Features:

  • Make any URL really easily. 
  • Register and login to manage your shortened URL's
  • Full members area. 
  • Members can track the number of hits to short URL. 
  • Members can search and delete their own links.
  • Members can track where clicks on their links are coming from (referral tracking)
  • New feature means members can earn money ($$$) to create short URL's


Admin Features: (see images)

  • Redirection option with ability to set redirection time
  • Enable or disable adverts on the redirection page.
  • Link cleaner to delete inactive links.
  • Search, edit and delete links through admin panel.
  • Add new users from admin panel.
  • Search, edit and delete users with ability to disable users.
  • Ability to filter links (guest only, member only or all links)
  • New 'earnings' feature means you can pay users for creating short URL's. 
  • Pay users any cash amount ($$$) per 1,000 views on created short URL's.
  • It means you drive more traffic to your site = more advertising revenue. 


Script Features:

  • Attractive cute and sleek template.
  • Web 2.0 design.
  • SEO friendly URL's
  • Simple and clean design.
  • Full member registration and login function (with email validation)
  • Ajax driven template.  
  • Full Admin interface - delete and view URL's
  • Really easy to make short URL's
  • Google Adsense optimized (just add code in admin panel)
  • Redirect timer option.
  • Included API where developers and site owners can automate link shortening.
  • 100% unencrypted files (easy to change and edit template)
  • Easy to install.
  • Download script instantly after payment.






Script Options

Copyright removal option (Remove powered by websitescripts.org)
Installation (Get script professionally installed)
Single domain license (Unlimited domain license is available)


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